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About Company


The company was established in 1972, as CHEMICAL CENTRE at Marriot Road, Karachi. Initially, it began with the sale of chemicals but soon it started expanding its business for the supply of quality products in diagnostics and quality control sciences. To meet the growing demand for the supply of fine chemicals in the other provinces of the country, sales and marketing center was established at Lahore in 1988, as NEW CHEMICAL CENTRE. In 1989 business in Karachi too was shifted to newly owned premises at M.A Jinnah road where NEW CHEMICAL CENTRE was also established for the supply of lab items.

The major areas of business are research organizations under federal & provincial governments, universities and private industrial / manufacturing concerns that require research, educational & quality control equipments and our product range address the following sectors of the market.

• Academic Institution

• Food & Beverage industry

• Pharmaceutical

• Agricultural

• Textile industry

• Governmental organization

• Research institution

• Power industry

• Testing Laboratory

• Biotechnological Laboratory

• Forensic Science Laboratory

• Cosmetic industry

• Sugar Industry

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